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This site was created in honor of my son Luke Edward Jordan. Luke was born August 11, 1999. He was born on a Thursday afternoon. I instantely loved him the moment I found out I was pregnet, maybe even before...... He was perfect in everyway. Luke would captivate your heart the second he spoke or walked into the room. He had big brown eyes and a love like Jesus.  Luke loved his sister Lakin and his family. His best friends were his cousins Tyler, Preston and Dylan. He was a little guy but his heart was bigger then the ocean. I miss this little guy more then anyone could ever know. Being his mom has been extrodinary. Luke had many friends. In addition to being a son, brother and cousin he was A Best Friend, A Kindergardner, a Star Student, A Power Ranger, Spiderman, Batman, and even had a girl friend. Luke was GODS PERFECT WORK! This little guy was star student of his kindergarden class the week he died. He was proud. We were all so proud! It has been almost six years since he went to live with Jesus. Sometimes it seems like a million years since I kissed him and held him. Other times I feel him everywhere. You can not count the people lifes that he touched. Luke is a gift and is very much alive in are hearts. This little boy would have been eleven today . I imagine birthdays in heavan are extordinay. I have begun to try and grow him up alittle in my mind. If you are reading this then you have learned a tiny fraction of the blessing he brought to so many. Luke died only four month's into kindergarged. He died on a Tuesday. I will admitt that we did not think we could survive this loss. God has carried us through this most difficult time. Luke continues to bring us closer to God everyday.
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I miss him.   / Courtney Black (best friend💖 )
Today I was thinking about how much I miss my best friend and I was thinking about the day we found out about Luke passing away. He was such a bright little boy, I remember I was always smiling when I was around him, he made my day every day. His smi...  Continue >>
Happy birthday!   / Heather Jones (Teacher)
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you running off the bus and handing me a green box and dashing for the door! Lakin giggled and said," Hef, he likes you!" you are Gods angel little Luke.( always be little Luke to me) love and prayers to your f...  Continue >>
To Master Luke   / Marks Mom
To Master Luke:Pretty BallonI am sending you this pretty balloonand hoping you receive it soonfrom our hands to yours let the breeze help it soarwatch it rush through the skiesfinding joy in your eyes.I am sending you kisses and hugsnew blankets and ...  Continue >>
Merrry Christmas!   / Mommy
Hey Son, I wanted you to know that you continue to bless my life. My heart is filled with your sweet memories and spirit. We had our Christmas a few days a go at Grandma Brenda's house. Everyone was there.The kids all seem to be really happy. Our hea...  Continue >>
To God's Perfect work.   / Mark's Mom
Through your mom and Lakin I feel that I got to know you you are what your mother says God' Perfect work  your mom and Lakin are the most amazing women and you are always in all of our hearts forever.
Threwyou we got to know your ...  Continue >>
I was thinking of you Today!  / Erica Beltz (Mommy)    Read >>
God's Angel :)  / Heather Jones (Favorite teacher :) )    Read >>
Six years today  / Mommy     Read >>
Still missing my boy!  / Mommy     Read >>
August 11  / Jennifer Delgado (Someone that thinks about him every august 11 )    Read >>
Sissys Sweet boy  / Lakin Jordan (Sister)    Read >>
Loving You!  / Sandra High (Aunt)    Read >>
Happy Birthday Buddy!  / Mommy     Read >>
You have a very blessed mom and sister!  / Marks Mom     Read >>
Memorial Day Wekend  / Mommy     Read >>
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Luke on his very first day of Kindergarden! He was so proud and so were we!
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